Future demands innovation incorporated with simple yet powerful ideas to boost the lives of the subsequent selves.  We, at Thinkor, believe in this utter need of empirical learning and brainstorm to make this process deeply understanding and simple for the intermediate years of the child.

Intermediate years are the critical foundation years for the lifelong deepen learning. Kids learn the rudiments of every learning system. They go through the notions of numbers, mathematical operations, basics of science and their emphasis. But the standardized learning system keeps pragmatic logics discrete hence undermining the developing ability of children.

Therefore, at Thinkor, we constantly work towards evaluating the ideas together with applying core concepts and developing a hassle free platform for the students where they can brainstorm not only Real-World Problems but also get quick solutions for every understated problem. This helps them to shape the roots on which the future pillars will be moulded upon.

Why are we unique?

Under Thinkor, each student is trained to be an elementary discipline trained, technology visionary who has the insight to understand the changing technological aspects and strive towards making the change around him. We put our heart and soul to periodically assess the students for their empirical thinking abilities and develop analytical, scientific and creative skills in students so they can thrive in this new world.

Our team is a crowd of highly qualified Engineers and individuals eager to innovate and become a problem solver and a thinker for this technical aura and become a convoy for our upcoming generations.

On being associated with our platform a student is familiarising and applying the concerned principles and getting equipped to create a future that’s worth living in!

Benefits of Thinkor Test Series:

  1. Versatile Test Schedule: You no longer need to worry about the schedule, location or stationery tools while giving our online test. All you need is a computer with internet access, and you can give your test from anywhere and anytime. This versatile time slots allow you to take several tests and brainstorm your ideas.


  1. Time Management: The online tests at our portal are time duration limited. While taking up the tests online, the time limit for that particular section appears on the same screen to keep the candidate aware of the time left for the test. In case the student is unable to finish the particular section within the time limit, then it automatically moves to the next section. Hence, taking these online tests help in managing time efficiently.


  1. Instant Result and Feedback: In an offline test, you would need to wait for the test results to analyse your preparation which might even take several days or months. But on our platform you get instant results and feedback and both the examiner and the student will also be able to make a comparative analysis of the score and section-wise performance and save a lot of time. The student can then evaluate his or her performance and progress.


  1. Security and confidentiality: In an online test, there is no possibility of accessing the questions beforehand and the questions keep on changing in every test an individual takes. Even if not completely, the questions appear in a different order so that it is not possible for the candidates to cheat. Even the results appear to the candidate and the examiner alone ensuring confidentiality.


  1. Cost effective: It is much cheaper and easy than taking up an offline test. Our online test series are flexible, thus even the cost per candidate is lesser than an offline examination. Also, logistics-wise, it is also comparatively lesser because multiple students can take the online test at the same time.