Future demands innovation incorporated with simple yet powerful ideas to boost the lives of the subsequent selves. We, at Thinkor, believe in this utter need of empirical learning and brainstorm to make this process deeply understanding and simple for the intermediate years of the child.

Intermediate years are the critical foundation years for the lifelong deepen learning. Kids learn the rudiments of every learning system. They go through the notions of numbers, mathematical operations, basics of science and their emphasis. But the standardized learning system keeps pragmatic logics discrete hence undermining the developing ability of children.

Therefore, at Thinkor, we constantly work towards evaluating the ideas together with applying core concepts and developing a hassle free platform for the students where they can brainstorm not only Real-World Problems but also get quick solutions for every understated problem. This helps them to shape the roots on which the future pillars will be moulded upon.

To enhance their skill sets and knowledge in order to improve their competences and productivity, irrespective of their age group.

No Bar Learning
We advocate a learning which is free from the limitations of your age group. If you have got the enthusiasm for the skill, you can learn anything.

High Quality Training
We seek to provide high quality training to individuals and companies.

Talent Development
We nurture our trainers to continuously learning and updating their knowledge in order to keep up with the latest technology development.

We treat everyone with respect at all times. We respect our trainees, recognizing their needs and objectives. We respect our own colleagues recognizing their strengths, contribution and personal circumstances. We respect our competitors because together we create an environment that pushes us to constantly excel.

Innovation is the key to evolution. We embrace innovation and creativity in everything we do. We encourage feedback from colleagues and trainees to seek for the opportunities to improve all aspects of our business.