As we speak, we are going chasmic in the age of ‘Information Age’; the age, handling the responsibility of bringing innumerable benefits with it – robots assistance, automated factories and houses, internet banking, online courses and degree programs, and what not. This list is increasing its impact on the humanity and will only get bigger. Technology, innovation, and innovators ARE the future. Intermediate education is the best phase to provide autonomous STEM learning to students and bring out the agile minds of the future.

Thinkor Tinkering Lab is a venture that aims at revolutionizing and making its impact on the Indian Education system through modern and empirical teaching methods. We are bidding towards making an impact on the future of technology together with the objective of endorsing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) system of education.

The Thinkor Tinkering Lab believes in the vision of adaptive learning and inculcating skills such as physical computing, rapid calculations, among many others by cultivating curiosity, creativity, and imagination in the young minds and creating an environment of scientific temperament, innovation, creativity among students.

Our framework consists of developers who aim at making the learning experience special and novel for the students and becoming a solution for any lack of physical computational thinking and igniting the creative spark in the young brains.

Product Features:

  1. Components & Hardware

Thinkor Labs provide all electronic prototypes and DIY kits comprising of necessary components like:

  • Electronic Equipments
  • 3D Printers and Kits
  • Internet of Things & Sensors
  • Microcontroller Boards
  • Robotics Kits
  • Development Boards
  1. Programming Interface

The students are trained in the most popular open-source programming platform for their future benefits.

  1. Free Content

Tutorials on basic electronics, programming on required programming languages, and numerous DIY projects are included.

  1. Hands On Experience

Students are provided with proper kits and equipments for their empirical understanding.